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Did you know ... that the average golf player has approximately 200 times eye-contact with his golf ball during an 18-holes game of golf and is looking at his ball for more than 200 times? - This means a real effective look. Each time he will be in contact with your logo.

To give full attention to your Logo or Company name our own golf ball identification "Evergreen LD 90 HP", which is approved by R&A and USGA, has a very modest place on the back side of the golf ball. The serial numbers from 1 to 4 will be printed straight under your Logo and/or Company name. Other brands of golf balls print the serial number under their brand name and your logo or company name on another side.

The golf ball as a business card

- delivery time only 5 days

- unique sharp printing

- printing possibilities up to 6 colors

- no additional costs

"Your Logo or your Company name is the brand name of the ball"

The Evergreen® “Long Distance - High Performance" golf ball is a ball, which will be a credit to your name. This ball will be printed by us with your Logo and/or Company name or any other text desired by you.

Printing process
The complete printing process from design to end result will be fully taken care of by Legro. Therefore we are very flexible and ready to fulfill every customer's wish. You can be assured of a professional, correct and fast execution of your order.

The Golf Ball
The Evergreen® “Long Distance-High Performance" golf ball is a two-piece ball, which fully meets both the present European quality standards (R&A) and the regulations of the United States Golf Association (USGA). This ball is the product of thorough research in the fields of raw material, construction, design and production processes. The stringent quality control is the finishing touch. The golfer can be assured of a perfect quality.




LD (Long Distance)
HP (High Performance)
90 - 100

Material cover

42,67 - 42,82 mm
45,36 - 45,93 gram


The cover of the golf ball consists of the revolutionary IOTEK® material. Having undergone the extreme trials of the computer programmed driving-machine, the ball has been proven totally "cut proof".

The flight length of the Evergreen® “Long Distance" ball is optimal. Although a long distance ball, the ball control during short distance is remarkable as well. Therefore the ball is suitable for each golfer.

Above all, the golfer will attain a perfect ball control with every stroke.

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