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The Company
In 1996 Evergreen extended her product assortment respectively her delivery program with articles for the golf business. Extensive market research shows a sky high growth in golf sports with a yearly increase of about 25%!

That is why Evergreen has developed and produces a tailor made program with following quality products:

• Evergreen VIP Line logo golf balls
• Rotary Private Line logo golf balls
• Golf gloves with logo ballmarker
• Logo golf flags
• Tees, pitchforks and ballmarkers
• Driving Range balls

Evergreen Golf International B.V. distinguishes herself on two very special aspects :

• Proven shortest delivery time:
All golf articles are printed and delivered within 5 days after approval of the artwork.

• At Evergreen the customer logo gets the main attention:
At Evergreen the customer only advertises for himself instead of for the producer of the golf balls. Contrary to other suppliers Evergreen Golf International prints the customer logo in front of the golf balls. The ball number is printed below the customer logo. At identification of the golf ball the player notices the customer logo about 200 times per game.

Evergreen golf balls the business card of your company!

Our golf balls have conquered the national and international market, under the registered names "Rotary" and "Evergreen".
They have been tested and certified by R&A and USGA and are allowed on official tournaments. The inspections are executed 2 times per year.

With Evergreen golf balls you only advertise for yourself!


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