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Exclusive for all golfers !

Wave your name with Evergreen logo-golf flags

Golf clubs are regularly organising so called sponsor days and companies have pleasure in inviting relationships for a special golf day.

Probably you have been hostess/host or guest once already and you know the custom to give away your own logo-golf balls to your guests as a PR stimulating present.

As from this moment your identity on the golf course can also be underlined by putting your own logo-golf flag on each green. Besides the well known VIP-Line logo-golf balls we can also deliver the Evergreen logo-golf flag now !

This flag can be ordered in a series from 1 up to and including 18 or in two series from 1 up to and including 9. Each golf flag is provided with a hole number and a set consists of 9 pieces yellow/white and 9 pieces red/white golf flags. It is even possible to provide 18 flags with different logos.

Universal Tube Lock System

Measurement of flag
Width: app. 50 cm
Height: app. 35 cm

Material specification
High quality 100% polyester fabric - app. 90 gr/m2

1 Set of 18 flags ( Nr. 1 - 9 yellow + Nr. 10 - 18 red)
2 Sets of 9 Flags (1-9) yellow

• Delivery time 14 days
• 100% polyester, app. 90 grams special fabric
• Flags can be personalised on demand
• With universal Tube Lock fixing system

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