Tees & Pitchforks



Evergreen developed a Tee with a special "plate" so that the rounding of the golf ball fits it precisely. The advantage is a perfect imposition.

The Tees, Pitchforks and Ball markers are manufactured out of a technically high qualified plastic.

The Tees, Pitchforks and Ballmarkers are packed in a EURO blister.

Evergreen also offers the possibility to print these EURO blisters with a Logo.

The advantage of a plastic Tee is a much longer life span. Out of the environment viewpoint this Tee meets the standard.


Blister with 25 Tees colour white
Blister with 50 Tees colour white
Blister with 30 Tees, 3 Pitchforks and 3 Ball markers colour white
Blister with 10 Tees, 1 Pitchfork and 1 Ball marker colour white
Plastic bag with 1000 Tees colour white
Plastic bag with 250 Pitchforks, inclusive Ball marker colour white

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